Catfish nudes

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Catfish nudes

EU Students. Further information. News forums. Entertainment forums. Other interests. Home […] Forums Chat Catfish nudes. I catfish him, he sent nudes How should I tell him? It was a prank. Confused about Clearing? Go to first unread. Skip to :. G-meg'z Badges: Report Thread starter 4 years ago 1.

Catfish prank: I had catfished this boy of my school as I couldn't think of a better revenge for him considering. He's always punching and hitting me and telling everyone usually on the bus how he hates me. I don't understand why one day he can be soo nice and flirty.

I feel stupid, but first time we met we kissed but why Now does he treat me like this.

Catfish nudes

But fortunately, he had sent the catfish me his nudes. Should I tell him it was me and if so how, btw it's not like we had been in a relationship or anything. Not what you're looking for? Report 4 years ago 2. Report 4 years ago 3. I've got to admit, when I read the title, it angered me, I've been catfished and it's humiliating because it was like a relationship and I'd sent pictures BUT this guy bullied you and humiliated you so yes, it may be a harsh revenge but it's humiliation vs humiliation really. I'd stop the catfishing though because he will eventually find out, everyone always do.

Just tell him the truth plain and simple and explain why you did it and catfish nudes you don't understand why he's treating you this way, tell him you deleted the nudes and you're done with it as long as he's done bullying you OR just delete the catfishdon't tell him and move on I'd probably go with the second option to dodge any hurt.

Report 4 years ago 4. Report 4 years ago 5. Original post by G-meg'z Catfish prank: I had catfished this boy of my school as I couldn't think of a better revenge for him considering. Elizabeth II Badges: Report 4 years ago 6. Delete the photos now. Apologise, expect him to be really angry and leave it. For goodness sake, what a vile thing to do to someone. It doesn't matter what he did to you, you're meant to be the better, bigger person.

Not sink to their level. Katzen Badges: Report 4 years ago 7. The very next day Report 4 years ago 8. Original post by Katzen The very next day Report 4 years ago 9. Original post by katzen the very next day Report 4 years ago Original post by Paracosm Stop. Badges: Original post by Ciel. She should be catfish nudes one to apologise, in your opinion?

Original post by Paracosm That's terrible, but it doesn't then mean that she should do this. It's immature and ridiculous. Neither should have happened, but she shouldn't have then made the childish decision to deal with it by exploiting him in this way. Catfish nudes no justification for either and they're now both as bad as each other. To be honest, I think he deserves to be punished because he started the whole thing. Nothing too bad, of course. It would teach him a lesson not to send nudes to strangers, too hopefully. But yeah, exploiting someone's trust like is never a good thing either, of course.

Catfish nudes

No, this really isn't okay. At all. By doing this you have just put yourself right down at his level.

Catfish nudes

Not okay. You should've just reported him and talked to your school about it. Delete all photos, apologise profusely, and stay out of his way. I can tell you now though, what you did is not a prank. It is infinitely more than that. Original post by hezzlington That's blackmail and that's illegal. Rhythmical Badges: Oh lord I don't even know how to react. No, it isn't. Blackmail is when you make threats threats with the aim of making some sort of personal gain from them.

She wouldn't do any of that. Like I said, she'd admit to what she'd done, watch him die inside for a moment, and then reassure him she's deleted them. Quick Reply. Submit reply. Attached files. Write a reply Catfish nudes to top. Related discussions. My Feed. Oops, nobody has posted in the last few hours. Why not re-start the conversation? Oops, nobody is replying to posts. Why not reply to an un-answered thread?

Catfish nudes Catfish nudes

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Someone has threatened to share my nudes. What do I do now?