Snapchat users for nudes

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Subscriber active since. For five days a desperate San Diego State University student ed and messaged Snapchat pleading for the company to disable her hacked. A cyber-criminal had posted nude photos she had privately sent her boyfriend via the app, and demanded payment to stop. Snapchat asked the student to fill out a form, which she says she did, then she "checked my every 10 minutes to see if they would respond. She says she called the police, who also said they couldn't help. On Wednesday, a half-hour after being contacted by Business Insider for this story, Snapchat informed the student it had disabled the student'sand her nightmare came to an end.

Snapchat users for nudes

The company said it responded quickly in the case of the student, taking down the nudes and disabling the. The company says the student did not follow instructions to authenticate herwhich is a crucial step in ensuring that the person seeking support is actually the owner, and that delayed action. The student disputes this, and showed Business Insider multiple s in which she pleaded for help. Snapchat, whose parent company Snap, Inc. We have put a of measures in place to help Snapchatters protect their s from improper access, including by encouraging them to use two-factor authentication, set a complex and unique password and only accept friend requests from people they know in real life.

The spokesman, who said the San Francisco FBI office is investigating cases of Snapchat sextortion, said the platform's young user base and their tendency to send each other revealing photos makes it a hotbed for the crime of sextortion. This year, the attacks have been especially traumatic at a time when many victims are already stressed.

Another San Diego State student, an year-old snapchat users for nudes Ventura County, was hit by a hacker threatening to post nude photos from her private Snapchat messages in September, when she was isolated in quarantine after testing positive for COVID Exhausted, stressed, and alone, she says she gave up trying to get help from Snapchat after two days.

Both of the students' identities are known to Business Insider. Snapchat says it warned the student that her had been compromised, and she reacted by changing the associated with it. But the student says that was the hacker changing her to be under hiswhich she says she made clear to Snapchat. Experts say young people can be deeply traumatized by the personal violation of the crime — especially if they have to wait days for a hack to be resolved. The year-old San Diego victim says her five-day wait for help was harrowing. It can happen, they just have to prioritize these kinds of complaints.

The social media platforms should be more responsive. Social media platforms must do better to help victims in the moment, according to McAfee fellow and chief scientist Raj Samani. A former Snapchat employee who worked with law enforcement on crimes committed on the platform said the disputed claims and complicated responses are part of the problem.

US Senator Marsha Blackburn R-TN called Snapchat " predator's dream" inciting a Massachusetts man charged months before in a sextortion case involving minors. Tech platforms have a responsibility to protect our next generation from falling victim to online predators and 'sextortion' blackmail schemes," Senator Blackburn told Business Insider on Friday.

Recent Snapchat sextortion cases have involved a New Jersey youth pastor charged with targeting teens, a hacker targeting multiple students at a New York university, a Kentucky policy officer arrested for the second time in Snapchat sextortion cases, a Florida man sentenced to 29 years for extorting teens, and a Virginia man sentenced to 50 years in prison for his role in a Snapchat sextortion ring exploiting children.

The New Jersey and Florida cases also involved the use snapchat users for nudes Instagram.

Snapchat users for nudes

A judge in the New Jersey case against the youth pastor called the teen-aged victims' situation "truly heartbreaking. The company says it encourages "any parent of a Snapchat users to check out our educational resources and talk to their kids about security, the importance of two factor authentication and how they can report an issue to us if they think their has been compromised.

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Snapchat users for nudes

Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. Free subscriber-exclusive audiobook! Redeem your free audiobook. US Markets Loading H M S In the news. Jeff Elder. A San Diego State University student says that a hacker breached her Snapchat and posted her private nude photos while demanding she pay a ransom. She said that Snapchat's customer support did nothing to help her for five days.

Snapchat users for nudes

Ultimately, Snapchat informed her that her was disabled 30 minutes after Business Insider reached out for comment on this story. Snapchat says it acted quickly to remove the students' nude photos and to secure herand it was hampered by the victim's inability to authenticate that she was the owner. We spoke to another student in a similar situation who said that she paid the ransom.

A US attorney and social media security experts say the extortion events can be traumatizing for years. Snapchat and other social media platforms must prioritize the issue and be more responsive, the experts say. Visit Business Insider's home for more stories. Snapchat, for its part, says that it's taking steps to improve the situation. Experts call on Snapchat to move faster in addressing the problems Experts say young people can be deeply traumatized by the personal violation of the crime — especially if they have to wait days for a hack to be resolved.

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Snapchat users for nudes

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Snapchat users for nudes

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