Snapchat random usernames reddit

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Names were changed in order to protect those involved with the story. It's been a few months since my life has gone back to normal. Currently, I do not feel safe anywhere—I used to dorm at my college, but I had to go back home during the second semester due to strange occurrences happening there. I do not plan on dorming anytime soon.

Snapchat random usernames reddit

It might not be the smartest thing to share this since it's still under investigation, but maybe it will make people more cautious of social networking. It sure has made me weary of trusting strangers online again. November of last year was when the messages first appeared. Ever heard of Snapchat before?

For those of you who don't know what Snapchat is, it's an app that lets you send picture messages to your friends, but they only snapchat random usernames reddit for a couple of seconds. Once those seconds are up, the picture disappears forever meaning you can never seen them again.

You can only send pictures you take at the moment, and they can only be seen for the few seconds you time them. You can also draw and write text on the pictures. You can even send videos. I never really knew about Snapchat until I was introduced to it by my friends. They practically encouraged me to download it and being the weak-willed person I am, I gave in to peer pressure.

It seemed kind of fun at first. I was taking pictures and sending them like crazy. Most of the time, I just took pictures of myself making the goofiest faces and putting random letters for texts. I also went out of my way to take pictures of the funniest things—I remember taking a picture of this dude's buttcrack while he bent down to tie his shoes.

Yeah it was sick, but downright hilarious. There were a lot of people who added me as a friend on Snapchat, most of them came from Facebook or the contact list on my phone. This also included some people I didn't know too well, but they still sent me pictures either way and it was actually pretty nice.

Snapchat random usernames reddit

I guess Snapchat made it easier to break the ice with people I randomly added or haven't seen in awhile. At the moment, I didn't think too much of it—I figured it was just another one of my Facebook friends. Instantly, the first message this person sent me was a paper with sharpie'd handwriting on it and a heart drawn underneath it.

I sent her back a picture of me with my eyebrow raised and a smirk on my face. You think I'm a cutie? About a few minutes later, I got another picture from her.

Snapchat random usernames reddit

The picture was of a teddy bear carrying a red heart with a white backdrop. For the next couple of days that we messaged each other, she never sent me pictures of herself. For some reason, she wouldn't even tell me her name.

I kept pushing her to send me a picture, but she always made excuses or sent stupidly-drawn stick figures instead. With that, I believed that she was either really ugly or really shy, and I was hoping for the latter. I decided to let it go, thinking that she must really be into me if she's that secretive with revealing her face and even her snapchat random usernames reddit. One day while I was in the library, I checked Snapchat real quick while I was taking a break from typing a paper for one of my courses. She sent me a picture of a person, the first time she'd ever done so, but that's not what got me all bothered about this picture.

I knew that the picture of this person definitely wasn't her. In fact, it was a guy sitting on a couch. White shirt. Blue sweatpants. Looking straight into a laptop. Bookshelves in the background. I looked behind and around me.

Snapchat random usernames reddit

There was no one who seemed suspicious, just a bunch of college students in their own little worlds. Still, I didn't want to read too much into it. After all, why psych myself out from something that seemed like harmless flirting? Why didn't you say hi? You're just too cute. From how I saw it, it just seemed like I had a secret admirer who possibly went to the same college. Things just got weirder after that small incident. A couple of times, she sent pictures of me walking in lecture halls, eating in the cafe, making lines for food, and even talking to my friends.

I asked my best friend Andrew one day if he was the one sending me all those weird snapchats. Andrew said that was pretty creepy, and that I must have had some obsessive stalker who obviously had no life. I was secretly hoping he was the one behind all of it, but I knew he was telling the truth.

Snapchat random usernames reddit

Besides, dude can't lie his way out of a paper bag. After talking to Andrew, I asked all my other friends about it, but they also told me the same answer. Either it really wasn't them or they were playing an elaborate mindfuck on me. One of them had snapchat random usernames reddit come clean, but no one ever did. And the Snapchats were getting a little too eerie. She snapchat random usernames reddit added texts on them anymore.

It was like she was playing Where's Waldo with me and oddly enough, I was Waldo. It became her mission to send a picture of me at least once a day. I began to pay more attention to my surroundings, but the only people I see everyday were my friends.

I never saw the same face everywhere I went. I figured my friends had to be the ones messing with me. I didn't mention the messages anymore and I even stopped opening them. They just kept piling on whenever I went on Snapchat.

The fall semester was almost over at that time. December came, followed by colder days and nights loaded with college asments, projects, and final exams. Even though all of this sounded intimidating, I was a little relieved to be honest. It gave me the excuse to focus all my attention on something more important than those messages. And yet, whenever I looked at my phone for the time or a new text message, I always saw a notification from Snapchat.

After a week of ignoring them, I finally let curiosity get the best of me. Once I started opening one, I saw a picture of me, but when I blinked, it was already gone. I opened another message. Me again, but it disappeared as fast as the last one. As I opened those messages one by one, I could feel my heart sink deeper and deeper with each message. They were all pictures of me all over campus. I couldn't even fathom as to how this person was able to follow me from one place to another.

She even took pictures of me during lectures and when I came out of bathrooms. That day, I decided to stay in my dorm room since I was starting to become paranoid. My roommate, Jon-Michael, wasn't there for most of the time. To avoid my chances of being another Snapchat message, I only came out that day to buy myself a sandwich.

Snapchat random usernames reddit

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