Pregnant fetish website

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Just being full and swelled up is what turns me on, not the baby itself. Lactation has also been a kink of mine. Are there other people out there like me? Pregnancy, and all the physical changes, moody hormones, and pregnant fetish website indignities that go with it may seem at odds with sexy, but looking more carefully—it all makes perfect sense. Pregnancy, after all, is the ultimate fulfillment of why we naturally have a sex drive in the first place.

Even if we use five forms of contraception to prevent it, the reason we want sex in the first place is the biological need to reproduce. The extra-exaggerated sex characteristics like fuller breasts, widening hips, and extra blood flow to the face, lips, and vulva heighten the idea of femininity or sex for both men and women with pregnancy fetish. Imprinting is one of the reasons we have specific kinks and fetishes. It is one reason why some people have such unique, individual kinks, and also explains the most popular fetishes.

Imprinting just means that our mind is imprinted with sex and arousal when we experience those things in relation to something present when we do.

Pregnant fetish website

Now that yoga pants and leggings are more common, they are their own subject in porn and a kink. If an experience was less common, it will be a more unique fetish.

Pregnant fetish website

It could be the smell of a car that is forever arousing, or a hoodie or glasses. Pregnancy has an eternal and obvious connection to sex, so in addition to the biological aspects, imprinting takes place on top of that.

Pregnant fetish website

We imagine being pregnant or see pregnant women, and it becomes part of our experience of sex. The taboo is perhaps the reason why pregnancy fetish and all that goes with it, such as nursing, are so damn hot.

Pregnant fetish website

These are just a few of the reasons why pregnant women are so sexyand the pregnancy fetish is so common, with so many layers. Enjoy it! Looking for inspiration? Kinky Confessions is a regular post on Kink Lovers. We want readers to share their tantalizing tales of kink, fetish, and fantasy. Get Kinky Mail! Subscribe to Kink Lovers Now. Kink Lovers. Inline Feedbacks. Load More Comments. Kink Dating Guides Try these top Reviews Best Threesome Hookup Sites There are many sites out there that will help you get laid, but when Whether you desire a brief Reader Favorites Some gals, and guys, have Fetishes Salivating Over Saliva?

I was surfing the internet enjoying some artsy short films when I came across I get a kick Get ready to push your limits What's Your Kink? Search over kinky articles:.

Pregnant fetish website Pregnant fetish website

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Do Women Have Pregnancy Fetish?