How to do a cum shot

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Many men desire to learn how to cum far. The ability to shoot ejaculate at farther how to do a cum shot increases sexual satisfaction for both partners. A man who can shoot lo of cum farther enjoys stronger orgasms and has more self-confidence. Volume Pills help guys earn the reputation of a stud, since women talk and they will eagerly tell their friends of your unusual abilities in bed. But the average distance that a man can normally ejaculate is between one and 2 feet 30 — 60 cm.

Luckily, bigger load supplements such as Semenax and Volume Pills stimulate the body to produce more cum. This increases the pressure in the dick during ejaculation, thereby resulting in a man being able to cum far and finish with impressive lo. This is because sperm are contained in semen. There are other natural ways, in addition to supplements and several lifestyle changes, to increase ejaculate distance. These include Kegel exercises that strengthen the PC muscle, edging, eating a good diet and exercises that increase testosterone levels.

More satisfaction — Your penile muscles will contract harder every time you release your load. This will lead to earth-shattering, toe-curling and body-shaking orgasms for both partners. Boosts self-esteem and confidence — the ability to shoot lo further is a of male potency. Good body health — The path to shooting lo further and further is lined with good food, exercises and great mental health. As a result, you will experience better overall health when you learn how to cum far.

May reduce risk of prostate cancer — high ejaculation frequency is linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer. You can read about it on this studythis other study as well as the Harvard ejaculation study. An Australian study of 2, men also found that, on average, men who had an average of 4. Build a reputation of a stud — Men and women talk.

A man who learns how to cum far is therefore more likely to enjoy many sexual advances. Finish like a porn star — Does your partner like porn? You will be the man of his or her dreams when you learn how to cum far. Age — masculinity, erection quality and testosterone levels decline naturally as we age.

But a man who desires to learn how to cum far can overcome the negative effects of aging by taking supplements, eating anti-aging foods and being more physically active. Diet — a well-balanced diet that is rich in zinc and other cum holy grail ingredients helps men produce and shoot bigger lo. Lifestyle — smoking and excess alcohol intake are detrimental to male sexual health. Both are leading causes of erectile dysfunction E.

Lack of enough physical exercises — le to weaker muscles and lower testosterone levels 5. State of PC muscle — a strong pubococcygeus muscle contracts harder and faster to shoot jizz further. Level of arousal — more arousal helps increase the load of cum, and harder contractions during the release. Sex position — some sex positions, such as the cowgirl, decrease the control of a man during sex but allow the guy to last longer and finish with massive lo.

Frequency of ejaculation — an easy way to build-up your load is to go for at least 3 days without ejaculating. Testosterone levels — testosterone production reduces as we age. But there how to do a cum shot top-rated testosterone supplements such as these for men who need to learn how to cum farther. Speed — increasing speed just before the release helps contract penile muscles faster, thereby shooting your load further.

Kegel exercises target the pelvic muscles. The PC muscle is one of the many components of our pelvic floor. The male pelvic floor muscles, fascia and pelvic diaphragm. These three muscles form the pelvic diaphragm and can be strengthened through Kegel exercises. A man needs to locate the muscles before he can exercise them. The PC muscle is located between the base of the penis and the anus.

You can feel their contraction during ejaculation by pressing this region gently with a finger or two. A healthy pelvic diaphragm is great for male sexual health. This is because the organs and structures in the pelvic diaphragm maintain control over fecal and urinary continence, childbirth, and sexual activity.

Exercises help maintain the cardiovascular system. Any problem with your cardiovascular system will diminish your sexual performance and enjoyment. Cardiorespiratory endurance exercises target the lungs, heart and muscles — the organs that also play a huge role during sex. You will burn fat, build muscles and testosterone and get your heart ready for intense sex sessions. Strength training also called resistance workout is a good way to increase testosterone levels.

Stay active by regularly walking, riding your bicycle, swimming or by ing a gym. A healthy body produces more cum naturally, shoots semen farther and generates more orgasms. Exercises also help to reduce stress and boost your self esteem by making the brain release more of its feel-good hormones — endorphins. Men need a variety of food to meet their daily nutritional needs. Just as with veggies, variety is important. Consequently, go for a mix of whole grains and add them to other foods whenever possible — for example adding barley and sorghum to soup.

Low-fat dairy products — including cheese and yogurt. Dairy products are great sources of calcium for our teeth and bones, B vitamins for the heart, and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus that are good for regulating blood pressure and boosting blood circulation system — and therefore necessary for strong erection.

How to do a cum shot

Edible Nuts — such as macadamia nuts and cashew nuts are natural aphrodisiacs that have high levels of zinc. Edible seeds — You may also swallow a few dried watermelon and pumpkin seeds or grind them to a flour. They are rich in zinc, the mineral that is a major ingredient during semen production. Less Sodium and Saturated Fats Always remember to limit your daily intake of sodium saltsweets and saturated fats. Avoid fast foods. Replace foods that have saturated fats with foods for cum : whole grain food, fruit snacks and green leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli.

Because male enhancement is as old as mankind. Moreover, supplements have ingredients that are necessary for good health, such as zinc, omega-3 and omega-6, and various minerals and vitamins. Luckily there are herbs and supplements for every enhancement one can think of: from erection boosterstestosterone boosters and pills for bigger lo. A man will naturally produce more ejaculate when he is more aroused.

How to do a cum shot

There are many ways to increase arousal, such as increasing foreplay how to do a cum shot reducing performance anxiety. Try and relax completely. Be happy. This is because arousal happens in the brain. Then focus on the intimacy — more arousal le to a stronger erection. One of the best ways of how to ejaculate further is to attain a strong erection.

Of course it helps to be making love to an attractive partner. Some men easily achieve optimum arousal by taking a little alcohol or an erection supplement such as Volume Pills. Find whichever works for you and do it often. Always remember that the greater the intensity and duration of the erection the greater the likelihood that a man will shoot his load of cum far.

Who said foreplay must start in the bedroom? The ideal duration for foreplay, for both genders, is 18 to 19 minutes. Sex, on average, lasts between 5 and 15 minutes. You can see why foreplay can easily be the main event. If your partner is a woman, foreplay becomes even more important. This is because the many elements of foreplay — including hugging, touching and kissing — increase arousal and stimulate vaginal lubrication which is necessary for great sex. It feels great and lays the foundation of great sex. In addition, men enjoy pleasuring their partners. Good foreplay will increase your arousal, boost the heart rate and blood pressure and cause blood vessels to dilate more.

This will ensure more blood travels south to the genitals. Having a huge erection is one of the great ways to produce bigger lo and shoot ejaculate further. There are over 15 ways for men to produce more ejaculate. They include having enough sleep, hydration, lowering stress levels and having a balanced diet. One of the easiest ways to shoot cum further is to last long in bed, thereby finishing with a huge load.

One of the tricks to last longer involves changing sex positions. Some sex positions help men last longer and shoot their load further. Here are the top 5 sex positions for men who wonder how to not ejaculate too fast. Penile muscles are the muscles in the dick.

How to do a cum shot

They include:. Penile muscles are strengthened through jelqing and edging. Strong penile muscles also improve control over your ejaculation and are crucial for men who cum too fast.

How to do a cum shot

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